Why Athletes Should Love The SAT and ACT...


Why do the best basketball players shoot extra foul shots after practice? Because these players know that this is the point when they’re the most physically and mentally exhausted. Much like basketball or any other sport, the SAT and ACT tests are a measure of not only your test taking abilities but also your mental toughness and endurance. On standardized tests, you’ll find yourself under pressure to perform even if you’re not necessarily feeling your strongest or most focused. This is why scrimmaging in sports is so important before you participate in real games. Simulating the real experience gets you in stronger shape for the real thing. This way your responses to stressful situations become muscle memory. And it’s the same with testing. If you want to perform well on your SAT and ACT, you have to take as many practice tests as possible. In addition to reviewing and correcting your mistakes, you should pay close attention to your pacing. Over time you'll get the carelessness out of your system, and your mental toughness and endurance will improve. Obviously, this advice goes for all students, but it’s especially relatable for athletes and anybody else immersed in activities in which focus and endurance are crucial to a successful outcome. The force is strong with you. On your mark, get set, go!

Test PrepBia Alvarez